Our Safety Mission Statement

Capital Electric Line Builders strives to complete its work in a productive, safe and high-quality manner. Employee safety is our greatest responsibility, along with safeguarding company and customer property. Safety is an integral part of how we do business and we have adopted a comprehensive plan to carry out that philosophy.

2021 safety stats


  • 2020 Liberty Mutual Silver Safety Award (DART rate 60% better than industry)
  • 2017 Liberty Mutual Silver Safety Award
  • 2017 MDU Construction Services Group Safety Award for best overall outside company safety results
  • 2014 Liberty Mutual Gold Safety Award, Prairie Wind project (DART rate 80% better than industry)
  • 2012 Liberty Mutual Silver Safety Award

Focused On a Safe & Accident-Free Workplace

Our policy is to provide a safe working environment, free of hazards, and to provide adequate safety devices and all required training to employees. It is our goal to create safety awareness among our employees so that each individual understands that he or she has the ultimate responsibility to work safely. Unsafe work practices by an individual can often lead to accidents, even in a safe working environment. It is our goal to eliminate both unsafe practices and conditions that cause losses.

Further, it shall be the policy of our company to:

  • Comply with federal, state and/or local regulations governing the workplace.
  • Take expedient action to correct or isolate unsafe conditions or work practices.
  • Promote safety awareness.
  • Hold each employee accountable for his or her individual responsibility for safety.
  • Encourage our employees to inform their supervisor immediately when unsafe conditions are present without fear of reprisal.
  • Take every reasonable precaution to ensure that employees can accomplish the safe completion of assigned tasks.

We operate with the philosophy that quality, safety and productivity work alongside and complement each other, not get in the way of one another. Compliance with the company health and safety program is necessary at all times.

Electrical Transmission & Distribution Strategic Partnership

MDU Construction Services Group was one of six original signatory contractors, along with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union, Edison Electric Institute and National Electrical Contractors Association, to form a strategic partnership with OSHA to reduce injuries and fatalities in the line construction industry. The partnership has developed industry-specific training courses and best practices to address the most common injury-producing situations, resulting in a significant reduction of lineman fatalities nationwide. Download the free best practices app at powerlinesafety.org.

Training and Safety Activities

The inherent risks involved with our industry require extensive training and knowledge, and rigid safety practices above and beyond those normally associated with construction crafts. We strive for continuous improvement by educating our employees when they join the company and on an ongoing basis. Training programs and safety activities include:

  • New-hire orientation.
  • CPR/first aid.
  • ET&D 10-hour for all employees.
  • ET&D 20-hour for all supervisors.
  • Human Performance Improvement.
  • Smith Driver training.
  • Daily jobsite safety meetings.
  • Constant monitoring for compliance.
  • Direct oversight by a trained foreman or general foreman.
  • Continuous improvement with input from all employees.

To support a safe and accident-free work environment, we maintain a drug-free workplace with a substance abuse program that meets or exceeds the requirements of the Department of Transportation and of our current clients.


  • Plan the work, address all potential hazards and avoid taking risks.
  • Follow established rules and procedures, and obey safety signs.
  • Wear required personal protective equipment, cover energized parts.
  • Remove, repair or report safety hazards when you notice them.
  • Handle hazardous materials according to instructions.
  • Take training seriously; it can save lives and prevent incidents.
  • Inspect and operate vehicles and equipment in a proper manner.
  • Plan in advance and know what to do in any emergency.
  • Report incidents immediately and fully assist with the investigation.
  • Contribute to a SAFE work environment. It’s your responsibility.