Capital Electric Line Builders has helped restore power to millions of people across the country throughout the years. We have assisted in several major storm restoration projects, including Super Storm Sandy and Hurricanes Katrina, Harvey and Irma, working in states from Missouri to Florida, Texas, New York, Rhode Island and more.

We have long-term relationships with several of our large clients, which allow us to be temporarily released from projects when storm work is needed elsewhere. Our fleet, dedicated employees and relationships with our customers allow us to mobilize quickly to any location in the continental United States.

From helping residents stay comfortable by getting the air conditioning back on and saving residents money by getting the refrigerator running again to saving lives by getting power to medical equipment and devices, we understand the importance of restoring power as quickly as possible.


Our crews travel across the country following storms and other emergencies to repair infrastructure and restore power.

Emergency restoration
Aerial shot of transmission line repair
Aerial photo of transmission line repair


Rapid response to our customers’ emergency and storm restoration needs is a major segment of our business. We strive to restore service following outages as quickly and safely as possible to reduce the impact on homes and businesses.


We have an impressive fleet of bucket trucks, pickups and other equipment that our linemen, safety representatives and crews use to travel thousands of miles to help restore power to storm and hurricane victims every year.